What are the benefits of visualization and render 360° for real estate business.

Important information for developers.

Thanks to visualizations you can get a presentation with faithfully reproduced textures and textures. This allows to make an accurate assessment of the planned effects and you can immediately determine whether or not the color scheme or overall impression corresponds to customer preferences. Therefore to avoid possible disappointments and, consequently, the need to introduce costly and troublesome changes to the project. Visualizations often include proposals for furniture arrangement and wall finishing.  3D visualization helps to save a lot of time, stress and money without additional expenses for a photo session.

What attracts customers?

Customers are more likely to decide to buy a flat when they can see a proposal for its arrangement. Not everyone has the spatial imagination to read from a projection and it is hard for them to imagine what their future flat will look like.

Benefits of the 360° rendering.

A perfect way to promote the investment is render 360. It is a kind of virtual walk, which allows the client to see the whole room from all sides with all dimensions and depth of the room.

The client, i.e. the developer can choose the time of day and the type of lighting of the flat on the render. The most frequently chosen, natural lighting gives the most attractive and reliable effect. All elements of the interior design are refined, which makes it more cosy or modern, all depending on the customer’s will.

The 3D camera used in the project rotates 360°, which allows you to visit every part of the room and makes it easier for the client to make an appointment to view the property. Often such meetings are only a formality and this significantly shortens the whole sales process.

To sum up,

the examples of graphic solutions described above may be an ideal way to increase sales in your company. Makerenderings is involved in creating photorealistic renderings, 360° panoramas and many others. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@makerenderings.com.