Why you should choose a render instead of a photo?

A person who is not familiar with computer graphics is not able to distinguish between a photograph and a render made with the use of a professional modeling program. Renders are also a less expensive investment.


Where to find them?

Catalogs and brochures of the biggest companies on the market offering all kinds of products are dominated by photorealistic visualizations. Most of the advertising materials in newspapers, websites, blogs or instagram posts are renderings.

Photo vs. render…

Preparation of a professional photo session is associated with high costs of building scenography, and sometimes an unlimited budget is not able to ensure the creation of the dream image, which can only be created using computer techniques such as rendering. This situation can occur, for example, when you want to present your design in an abstract scenery, impossible to obtain in the traditional way.

Renders give unlimited possibilities to create conceptual designs without wasting any material. In cooperation with e.g. architects, by creating a 3D model of the building, we can test different color or texture variants of the building’s facade. This can speed up and improve the investment process and achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

In some industries the rendering of the product itself may be insufficient. Often the information about how e.g. a kitchen hood will look like after being built into kitchen cabinets, makes the customer’s purchase decision much easier. Thanks to visualization it is possible to influence the imagination of a potential customer with relatively little cost, without the need to build a complicated photo plan or, as in the case of custom-made products, the need to physically own the product. That is why visualizations are such a popular marketing solution among furniture and household appliances manufacturers, developers, interior designers and architects.